How To Clean And Maintain Your Nebulizer

Nebulizers are often prescribed for respiratory disorders such as asthma and cystic fibrosis where it's hard to breathe, since the medication does not need to be inhaled deeply in order to be fully absorbed by the lungs. Since you'll be inhaling air directly from the nebulizer set, it's important to keep it sterile to prevent respiratory infections. You'll also want to clean it regularly to prevent excess medication from building up in the nebulizer kit, as this could result in taking more medication than prescribed when you use your nebulizer. [Read More]

Integrating Internal Medicine EMR Software Into Your Practice

When you run an internal medicine practice, you'll need to work at acquiring the tools that will help you make your business the best that it can be. In this aspect, you will really want to look into buying and subscribing to internal medicine EMR software. You can contact professionals at a company like Chart Perfect for more information. Using the software comes with plenty of inherent benefits; but, you also need to know what you should look for, how you can work with professionals, and what steps will let you implement it properly. [Read More]

Outfitting Your New Vet Clinic? Considerations For Making Your Space Efficient And Comfortable

Whether you are a newly licensed veterinarian or an experienced one, you already know that the process of starting a new clinic and outfitting it with all the equipment you need is a costly and time-consuming process. Not only must you purchase or lease the diagnostic, surgical, and treatment equipment you will need to treat the animals, you will also need to make sure that the space offers enough room and a layout that will allow the animals to be cared for and housed in safety and comfort. [Read More]

Feeling Dizzy & Have Ringing In Your Ears? You May Have Meniere's Disease! Here's What You Need To Know

If you experience ringing in your ears, which is called tinnitus, as well as episodes of vertigo, you may have Meniere's disease. Meniere's disease is a chronic and progressive condition of the inner ear that can be treated in various ways to relieve symptoms. Here's a brief explanation of Meniere's disease, how to get a diagnosis, and what treatments are available.  What is Meniere's disease?  Meniere's disease is the overproduction of endolymph fluid in the inner ear, though the cause of this overproduction has not yet been determined. [Read More]