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Extra Lights That Can Be Handy On Your Mobility Scooter

Lights are an important safety feature on a mobility scooter. You'll find that most of these scooters are equipped with headlights and tail lights, both of which will allow you to be visible when you're driving in low-light conditions. When you're shopping for a scooter, you'll want to see what additional lights are available on certain models. Many mobility scooters have several other lights located in strategic areas that you'll appreciate many times in the weeks and months ahead. Here are some extra lights that you'll often find.

Console Light

A lot of mobility scooters have a light positioned at the top of the console that will allow you to better see this part of the scooter after dark. While some scooters have instrument panels that light up, this isn't always the case. You'll want to be able to check your instruments when you're riding — for example, taking note of how much battery life you have left. Rather than trying to illuminate the area by fumbling with the flashlight on your cell phone, it's handy if you choose a scooter that has a console light.

Storage Light

Mobility scooters have all sorts of storage options, including baskets affixed to the handlebars, storage compartments beside and behind the seat, and more. It's handy to store all sorts of your items in these compartments, but you want to be confident in your ability to locate what you're looking for when you're not in a bright environment. Some scooters have LED lights that are designed to illuminate the storage areas, making it easy to see what you have in these spaces.

Pathway Light

While your scooter's headlights will do a good job of brightening the space in front of you, it never hurts to have an extra source of light on the front of the scooter. Certain mobility scooter models have what is known as a pathway light, which is a series of LED lights that aim down at the ground in front of you. When you use a scooter, you'll sometimes find yourself driving in areas that are tight. Having a pathway light will make it easy for you to see exactly where you need to position your scooter so that you don't encounter uneven and difficult terrain. Learn about each of these light sources and see them for yourself by visiting a medical equipment store in your area that carries mobility scooters.