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Things To Look For In An Indoor Stair Lift For Mobility Issues

Stairlifts play a huge factor for people with mobility issues in two-story properties. They make getting up and down stairs much safer and feasible. You'll be happy with how your stairlift performs over the years if you search for these things.

Long-Term Reliability

If the upstairs area of your home is where you spend a lot of your time, then you need a stairlift that always works when you want to get up to this area. You thus need to assess the reliability of different stairlifts so that you don't ever struggle with performance. 

Sometimes, simpler systems with fewer moving parts will be more reliable because fewer issues can happen to them. A manufacturer that has made stairlifts for many years also can lead to performance reliability since they've had time to refine how their lifts work for people moving upstairs and downstairs. 

Emergency Backup Battery

If you were using the stairlift and the power suddenly went out, you might fear being stuck where you are until the power comes back on. If you get an indoor stairlift with an emergency backup battery, you'll never be put in this position.

Even if the power goes out, the backup battery will activate and allow you to continue using the stairlift like you normally would. That's important if you live in an area where the power goes out frequently, be it due to old electrical systems or maybe poor weather conditions.

Swivel Seat

How you're able to get into the lift itself before operating it is something to really think about. You'll find many different seat design options, but it's hard to overlook a seat that can swivel left to right. You can easily enter the lift's seat regardless of which direction you're coming from. For example, you can swivel it near your body and avoid a potential fall. Then once you're ready to get out at the bottom or top of your stairs, you can swivel the seat in a certain direction and easily step forward. Having a swivel seat is very helpful if your movement is something you struggle with daily.

If you're putting an indoor stairlift inside your home to help with transportation, then look for features that will make this system convenient and completely safe to use each day of the year. Then you won't have to question why you made your selection. For more information, contact an indoor stairlift chair supplier.