Choosing Better Medical Equipment

Outfitting Your New Vet Clinic? Considerations For Making Your Space Efficient And Comfortable

Whether you are a newly licensed veterinarian or an experienced one, you already know that the process of starting a new clinic and outfitting it with all the equipment you need is a costly and time-consuming process. Not only must you purchase or lease the diagnostic, surgical, and treatment equipment you will need to treat the animals, you will also need to make sure that the space offers enough room and a layout that will allow the animals to be cared for and housed in safety and comfort. If you are currently planning to open a new vet clinic or expand or move an existing one, the following considerations can help make sure your new space will be efficient and comfortable for you, your staff, and the animals in your care. 

Take time to design each space with actual usage needs in mind

If the existing areas you plan to use for major surgeries, wound care, and minor outpatient procedures are small or have poor access or traffic flow, you will want to choose equipment that will help make each area as functional as possible. This is even more important if the animals you specialize in treating are very large, such as horses, cattle, or other livestock. Some good ideas to consider include: 

  • Adding built-in sinks with drop-down covers that can function as a staging area for exams and procedures and then be easily sanitized and folded up out of the way when the sink is needed
  • Choosing auxiliary equipment that can be easily moved from area to area such as portable veterinary anesthesia systems that can be stored out of the way when not in use 
  • Installing surgical lights, suction equipment, oxygen, and anesthesia systems on retractable ceiling mounts that can be easily pushed up and out of the way when not in use

If saving money is a consideration, consider looking for suitable pre-owned fixtures, such as stainless steel sinks, exam tables, kennels, and shelving. 

Work with suppliers to find the best equipment solutions for your space and budget

If possible, consider contacting the suppliers of the systems and equipment your clinic will require as part of your planning process. In many cases, these industry professionals can help you take advantage of equipment models and designs that will help to make your work easier and more efficient. For example, veterinary anesthesia system suppliers are often able to suggest budget-friendly models that take up little or no floor space in the clinic while also being able to be used in mobile applications, such as farm calls.